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Friday, January 1, 2010

Weekend plan

Here's my list for the rest of the week (I was in a trip on the first days and just came back yesterday):
  • 2 loads of laundry: wash, unload and hang up DONE!
  • change cat litter DONE!
  • download and tag pix from the trip DONE!
  • create watermark for 365 pix DONE!
  • finish my 2010 resolutions DONE! and monthly plan for 1st trimester DONE!
  • create LO for january plan DONE!
  • create template for weekly P365 LOs DONE!
  • take pic everyday and edit for P365: 01/01 DONE! - 01/02 DONE! - 01/03 DONE!
  • post pix for P365: 01/01 DONE! - 01/02 DONE! - 01/03 DONE!
  • prepare plan for next week DONE!
  • catch up on e-mails DONE! + 3x15 minutes DONE!
  • catch up on RSS DONE! + 3x15 minutes DONE!
  • 6x15 minutes on zips and organizing DONE!
  • create 1 birth announcement's project for Nanie DONE!
  • create menu plan for next week DONE!
  • go grocery shopping DONE!
  • pick up house: living room DONE!, kitchen DONE!, bathroom DONE!, bedroom DONE!, office
  • unload dishwasher DONE!
  • back up pix DONE! and LOs DONE!
Wooohoooo, what a productive weekend, love it!!


Unknown said...

what a list!! Good luck
Happy new year

Unknown said...

oh wow! I loooove how organized you are!!!! You need to help me to be!!! You are already accomplishing things! YAY!

Traci Reed said...

hahaha I need a plan. you put me to shame!

Jacinda said...

Well aren't you the busy one! I'm getting organised this year too, though I have a few days grace while we go camping. It's all on once we get back though. Happy New Year Chloe!

Nathalie, eNKay Design said...

OMG, and I thought I had a lot to do! lol But I like that you put things like creating LO and other creative stuff on your plan. Maybe I should do that too, cause that is what always gets left behind. Happy New Year, girl.

Rebecca aka MamaBee said...

Wow... I'm impressed by your organization. You've inspired me!

Unknown said...

Looks like you are well underway with all of your tasks for the weekend. Way more ambitious than this house gets on a weekend. Wish i had that kind of energy. :)