Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weekend plan

Once again, I've got a lot to do this weekend:
  • Laundry: hang off, fold and put away dry laundry DONE!, hang up one load DONE!, wash and hang up another load DONE!
  • Clothes online shopping: pick up order DONE!, try on DONE!, prepare stuff that doesn't fit to make the call on monday DONE!, buy boots if the ones in this order don't fit Wooohooo, I love them and they fit, unlikely all the pants but one! Don't you just love a bad sizes' guide?
  • Grocery shopping: plan menus for the week DONE!, write down shopping list DONE!, shop DONE!, put away ALL items DONE!
  • Kitchen: unload dishwasher DONE!, put away dry dishes DONE!, hand wash dishes and load dishwasher after each meal DONE!, put away wine glasses DONE!
  • Health: prepare stuff for AI treatement DONE!, 2x15 minutes on other health PPW DONE!
  • Office: pick up desk DONE!, 2x15 minutes filing DONE!, 2x15 minutes on PPW / to do's DONE!
  • Prepare important job letter (don't want to be too public about that one) DONE!
  • Creative stuff: Sat POTD DONE!, Sun POTD DONE!, edit DONE! and post previous POTD DONE!, P365 week #0 DONE!, week #1 and week #2 LOs, catch up on SSD DONE! and TDC DONE!, 2 other LOs 1 DONE!
  • send birth announcement projects to Nanie DONE!
  • Sat: go to bed before 11:30 PM It's 11:23 PM and I'm shutting down the computer, so that should be ok! LOL
  • Sun: go to bed before 11:00 PM It's 10:35 and I'm turning the computer down... good job!
  • change cat litter DONE!
  • clean oven
  • prepare weekly plan DONE!
  • call Dad DONE!
  • 2x15 minutes on e-mails 1 DONE!
  • 2x15 minutes on zip files DONE!
  • 15 minutes on RSS DONE!