Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Two friends and their 2 years old daughter will come tonight for a board game party. They bring the games and the cute little girl, and I bring the food! LOL I want this to be really casual and relaxed, so I'll only make finger foods: ham/pastry rolls, shrimp butter blinis, stuffed mushrooms (with various sorts of cheese), olives, chips, salami, and as dessert we'll eat "kings' pie". It's a pastry pie with almond paste in the center, and it's eaten around January 6th, to celebrate the kings coming to see Jesus, following the star. There's a little charm hidden in it and the person who gets the charm is declared king or queen for the day. I'll try to take a pic tonight, it'll be clearer than my explanations! LOL As you guess, I'm really looking forward!