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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why I feel lucky

On Monday I got back to work. I was feeling really happy, optimistic, energize, enthusiastic. I know, it might be weird for a first day of work after Christmas break, but I just was. Everyone was surprised to see me in such a good mood, even though I'm not the grumpy kind usually, and I explained to them that I feel lucky: I have a family, a boyfriend and wonderful friends that I love dearly, I have a house that I can make into a home, I have a job that I don't hate too much most days, I'm fairly healthy... Why on earth would I be grumpy?? It was fun to see how telling all that made people happier and smiling more, though!!

Okay, that was my moment of zen, you can now go back to your normal life! LOL


Unknown said...

You are lucky!! Keep smiling