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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Doc appt

So, we just came back from our doc appt. We're TTC since August 2008 and we've discover we both have issues. Long story short, we won't have babies naturally (except for a miracle), so we've started a medical procedure. It was long (about 6 months), sometimes painful, stressful, nerveracking, but it's coming to an end, and a fairly happy end! Today was our last appointement before we start our first AI cycle. No, not "artificial intelligence"... "Artificial insemination"!! LOL We met the biologist that explained us once again what will happen exactly, we got the chance to ask the 132'654'795'198'474 questions we had (especially me!) and we set up a date to start the procedure!

At first we wanted to start in February, but this first cycle of procedure would happen exactly when I have a HUGE professional even to organize. Considering that stress and TTC don't work well together, the doc told us that it was better to postpone. We've been waiting for almost 2 years, we can wait 1 month more, can't we? So, we decided to start the first cycle in March. I cannot wait, as you can imagine!


DawnMarch said...

The waiting must be really hard but you're right that it's probably better to make sure you are in the right physical and emotional place when you do it! Good luck!