Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, August 22, 2010

August and september goals

I really want to get back to my resolutions, and the back to school period is great for that, I find it really motivating. It's like a second New Year's Eve for me! So, my word for the year was PEACE, and here are my goals for (the remaining of) August:
  • Personal: happiness project
  • Job: plan the study for my exam
  • Organizing: digi
And here are my goals for September:
  • Personal: happiness project + start preparing IVF (appt, tests, ...)
  • Health: 20 minutes/day indoor bike
  • Job: create procedures and study for my exam
  • Finances: track all my spendings
  • Organizing: digi
I will create a card for september's goals and print it, it really helps when I have a visual reminder: no "I forgot about my goals" excuse!! LOL