Chloé’s Ramblings

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lazy Monday

When we got up this morning, the weather was soooooo bad and depressing that we felt like crawling back in bed right away! We didn't but we enjoyed a lazy day so far... How great! I still want to get some things accomplished today (besides finishing my hybrid LO, which I already did. I'm so proud of it, I'll post later!), so here we go:
  • midday routine
  • 2x15 minutes on digi-organization
  • 2x15 minutes on PPW
  • 2x15 minutes on health PPW
  • change beddings
  • from my "to do someday" pile: plant the "love seeds" I got + make pedicure appt
  • prepare stuff for Anne (CD and meds)
  • take pix of my hybrid LO and post
  • create another LO (not hybrid, it took me forever!! LOL)
  • check my bank account for july can't do it tonight, I gotta print it first.
  • unload dishwasher and then deep clean it
  • hang down and put away dry laundry done outside, still have inside to do
  • evening routine
  • read all RSS feeds