Chloé’s Ramblings

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday's to do's

Okay, I did pretty good with my list yesterdayand today will be as busy, so here we go again! Here are my to do's for today:
  • morning routine
  • finish to tidy up kitchen
  • pick up, dust and vacuum living room
  • clean, vacuum and mop kitchen
  • clean, vacuum and mop bathroom
  • prepare lunch
  • midday routine
  • clean cat's litter 
  • dust and vacuum bedroom
  • dust and vacuum office
  • vacuum and mop entryway
  • pull some weeds in hallway
  • buy a little gift for our hostess tonight
  • make pedicure appointement
  • 4x15 minutes digi-organizing
  • catch up on TDC and SSD
  • prepare CT application
  • create one LO
  • give myself a manicure not done, but at least I removed the old nail polish!
  • get ready for dinner
  • have dinner with the K family
That's it for now, gotta go!!