Chloé’s Ramblings

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seriously, people, what were you thinking??

As you can see in my to do list for today, I wanted to try a Zumba class. It is new, and they had a free trial session today. So far, so good, right? Yeah, except it's free, it's back to school time (and people may be making more resolution now than in January!) and consequently the class was jam-packed. There were at least 150 people, no space left in this huuuuuge room... awful! As I arrived "only" 5 minutes early I had a place in the back, and I couldn't see anything because of the 12 ranks before me. It wouldn't be a problem if the teacher would explain what was going on... Yeah, right, in your dreams! This was probably the less teaching teacher ever, she didn't say anything but counting the steps. I felt like I was at a show to watch her shake her (terribly firm... nope, I'm not jealous) butt, not to shake my (not as firm) own. Anyway, I stayed there for about 5 minutes, did the warm up, and when I saw how terrible the instructor was, I left right away. This was really a shame.

Okay, all that ranting is pretty negative, but I'm really amazed at how bad people are at marketing. If you have a trial session, it's to make people want to join (and pay for) the real class, right? Not make them feel like idiots because they can't understand, even less make, a single step. Okay, with all the people that was there, she will probably have enough paying clients, but still... Is that really smart to be that bad of a teacher for the first (and probably the only) contact you'll ever have with some of them?? After all, I'm glad I went there because I might not have a butt as firm as her and I don't rock the Zumba steps as she does, but at least my brain looks fitter! LOL