Chloé’s Ramblings

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Last day before going back to work, still a lot to enjoy and do today. Here's my plan:
  • Get up quite early (7:30 max) to get used to it again and be able to get up early enough for work
  • morning, midday and evening routines
  • 4x15 minutes on digi-decluttering
  • 3x15 minutes on office storage and organisation
  • 15 minutes on planning for my exam
  • empty my e-mail inbox and unread RSS reader and maintain
  • goals: create my september reminder, send it at work to print next week and post my goals here
  • change cat's litter
  • iron when/if I watch TV
  • 2x30 minutes on DBF's logo
  • Finish the digital part of my hybrid album (photos and journaling pages) and get it printed.
  • Create 3 more monthly LOs 1 done and finish journaling for 2009
  • Create one LO for SSD's portfolio
  • Have a BBQ with inlaws for lunch
  • Go to see Inception with DBF