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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Okay, last weekend before going back to work! I know I will be busy for the next weeks or even months at work, so I gotta get productive now to start the last 4 months of the year on a good tone! Here's what I want to accomplish today:
  • morning, midday and evening routines
  • 15 minutes on my goals/resolutions
  • 4x15 minutes on digi organizing
  • get rid of 2 things on my "to do someday" pile
  • post on my green blog and plan 3 more posts
  • 2x30 minutes on DBF's blog design
  • 4x15 minutes on our office storage
  • maintain new e-mails and get 4 old ones done
  • maintain RSS reader to zero unread
  • laundry: wash and hang up one load, hang down dry laundry and put it away 
  • finish the digital part of my hybrid album and print
  • finish the monthly LO I already started, get 2 more done 1 done and write down journaling for 2 more months
  • get to bed at 11:00 max, lights off at 11:15 I'll be a bit late since I'm turning the computer off at 11:15, but it's not that bad!


Marcia (123 blog) said...

that's a very impressive list!

I have a few things on mine and that's only because we have a babysitter in, otherwise I plan NOTHING on the weekends LOL

Enjoy your last weekend before going back to work