Chloé’s Ramblings

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still in vacation but back to work!

Yeah, I know, quite paradoxical indeed! But I have a lot to do after being gone for a week. DBF was all by himself and... how can I say that gracefully... he's not the best housekeeper in the world! I'm definitely not either, but there is some basic maintenance that I do and he doesn't. Add to that the couple projects I'd like to get done before going back to work on the 23rd, and you understand why I can't stay on my behind all day long even though I'm on vacation! LOL Okay, here's what I want to accomplish during those 10 1/2 days:
  • sand and repaint all window shutters
  • create a professional blog and logo for DBF started
  • get my e-mail inbox and RSS reader back to zero and maintain
  • get back to my daily routines
  • review and work on my goals/resolutions for the rest of the year
  • get all health PPW done
  • get all other PPW done
  • get rid of my "to do someday" pile
  • tidy and (finally) organize my office/craft area
  • organize our office's storage
  • 2x15 minutes on digi organizing daily
  • iron the huuuuuuge pile of clothes
  • get back on track with my favorites websites: TDC, SSD, youtube
And now for some fun stuff:
  • scrap at least one LO per day
  • get to see the K family on Saturday 14th
  • go to see "Inception" with DBF
  • call my friend Nanie, my mom, my friend Céline
  • plan a celebration for Lydie's b'day