Chloé’s Ramblings

Friday, August 13, 2010

Today's to do's

You know how it goes: big plans, 10 days to accomplish them, and when it's time to go back to the office, you haven't done much... Well, that won't happen to me this time, because I will break down my goals into daily to do lists, so that I can keep track of my goals and work on them! It's so easy to forget what you have to do when you get lost in the internet! ;) Here's today's to do list:
  • morning routine
  • tidy up wallet
  • check calendar, plan next week's menus and write down grocery shopping list
  • move everything to my "normal" purse (still have my vacation purse!)
  • finish to unpack and put away my bag
  • prepare lunch
  • midday routine
  • tidy up kitchen, which is a mess in progress
  • 2x15 minutes on digi organizing
  • iron clothes while watching "Fast Forward"
  • wash and hang up one load of laundry (whites)
  • make appointement for a new do my stylist is in vacay! Argh! and for a pedicure
  • mail b'day card for L.
  • stop at charity center to donate 2 bags of clothes
  • go grocery shopping
  • create one LO I even got 2 done!
Wow, what a list! Guess I'd better get started, uh?